In 2018, poor quality software cost american businesses 2.84 trillion dollars, according to a report by CISQ.

Through our QA audits and risk assessments we offer independent and objective software testing, audits and quality assurance services. We can audit current systems, as well as digital solutions in development.

With a QA audit we provide our clients with an independent assessment and report detailing the programming quality and suitability of their digital solutions. This helps in litigation cases against a vendor that has provided sub-par work or can support business cases for new digital solutions. Our risk assessments help our clients to minimise risks inherent to digital solutions and prevents them having a significant financial impact going forward.

We are able to audit and assess risks on a comprehensive business and programming specific level:

  • How closely does the digital solution meet previously specified requirements?
  • How effectively is the solution operating for our client’s specific business?
  • What are the potential risks that may impact the effectiveness of the solution for that business in the future?
  • Has the digital solution been developed with high quality programming?
  • Does the solution contain security weaknesses or concerns?
  • Is there potential for optimisation in the programming or operation? And if so, where?
  • Can the solution’s cost-benefit ratio be improved?
  • If provided by a vendor or contractor, is the invoiced cost appropriate to the work produced?
  • Is the solution compliant with regulatory requirements, such as the GDPR or PCI DSS?
  • If pre-launch, will the solution perform satisfactorily once in use or has it just been optimised (read: jerry-rigged) to appear functional in the development environment?