We partner with corporate, private equity clients and other investors with a specific view to assess the digital solutions of their potential acquisitions. As revenue and value generation is increasingly reliant on digital systems and market places, focusing on and understanding the value of a company’s digital solutions is becoming an integral part of due diligence reports.

We can also support vendor (sell-side) due diligence projects, by presenting our client's digital solutions in a way and market context that helps prospective buyers understand their real value.

For both buy- and sell-side due diligence, we are able to support our clients at any stage of the process. For the initial buy-side phases, where our clients may not yet have access to the target’s internal data, we leverage primary research to gather indicative insights that provide granularity to the bigger investment picture. For any later buy-side phases and sell-side reports we provide comprehensive or focused independent digital solution audit reports.

With all our M&A due diligence support, we typically aim to address the following questions:

  • How do a company’s digital tools compare across markets?
  • Is digital ROI being maximised?
  • Are the company’s digital solutions fit for purpose or will they require significant capital expenditure?
  • Risks, compliance and market challenges the current digital solutions may face going forward?