Some of our clients don’t have their own IT department and may have limited technical know-how to evaluate the costs vs benefits of a digital solution. But running a competitive business requires a modern, secure and agile digital infrastructure. We help start-ups and SMEs address the questions around this fundamental challenge:

  • Is the existing or planned digital solution the one most suited to your requirements?
  • Is the digital solution developed by a third party of high quality?
  • Are the development, implementation and operating costs reasonable and proportionate to the benefits of the solution?
  • Are the freelancers you have hired to develop, improve or maintain solutions for you cost-effective?
  • Are the ready-made solutions and outsourced services offered to you scalable and flexible enough to grow with your company or will they lock you in and hamper your ability to compete with the more agile competition?

We support new business ventures and fast growing companies with their initial project ideas, address their most important questions and help them make the right decisions about building their digital infrastructure. Through partnering with us, new businesses and SMEs minimise the risks associated with planning, implementation and maintenance of digital solutions:

  • We ensure that our clients invest in the right digital products and that these are developed correctly
  • We strategically align business or product portfolios to the current and future market conditions
  • We provide cost-benefit-optimised GDPR information security and resilience consultancy services

The errors that cause most budget and timeline overruns, or even complete project failures are usually made in the initial planning phase of a project. By engaging us early, our clients gain the expertise that prevents costly errors and increases their chances of success.

Our self-sufficient approach during the development and implementation phase allows us to deliver the planned solutions with the lowest possible amount of effort and administration from our clients.