Running a competitive business requires a modern, secure and agile digital infrastructure. Our strategy evaluation helps our clients make the right decisions about their IT strategy and product portfolios.

We consider our clients’ IT strategy and portfolio in the context of our broader market research and competitor analyses, identifying untapped and oversaturated market segments. With this insight our clients are equipped to realise growth opportunities, while also able to effectively reduce operational costs.

Through our strategy evaluation we help our clients

  • determine whether their current IT resources are strategically aligned to achieve their business goals and able to drive further growth
  • evaluate whether their current IT strategy is appropriate and achievable
  • ascertain how competitive their current IT infrastructure is and whether its cost-benefit ratio can be improved going forward
  • establish the true cost and benefits of any planned digital transformations or newly formulated IT strategies
  • identify unknown risks and potential compliance issues associated with their IT strategy
  • optimise their IT strategy and resource deployment to maximise efficiency, reduce costs and support our clients’ business goals and sustainable growth
  • communicate their IT strategy or strategy proposal in an effective business-case format to all key stakeholders within their business, bringing them on-side and ensuring cross-departmental buy-in

Digital Strategy Support

Our background in software engineering and integrating solutions into digital and general business planning puts us in the ideal position to evaluate our clients’ digital infrastructure strategies.

Quality Assurance Audits & Risk Assessments

Through our expertise in quality assurance and risk assessments we help our clients identify improvement opportunities and reduce the risk exposure of their digital strategies.

Compliance Audits

We evaluate digital strategies to ensure they are compliant with the latest information security practices and regulations, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the second Payment Services Directive’s Strong Customer Authentication (PSD2 SCA).

Digital Solution & Strategy Planning

Our experience in planning digital solution strategies for our clients means we are able to quickly provide effective actionable feedback in our strategy evaluation reports.

Market Insights & Analytics

With our market insights and analytics department we consider the evaluation of our clients’ digital strategies in the wider market context to maximise competitiveness and market specific growth opportunities.

Digital Marketing

Through our digital marketing capabilities we evaluate whether our clients’ digital strategies are optimally aligned to their marketing and business development aims.  

External CTO

Our ability to operate as an external CTO helps us take a holistic approach in our strategy evaluation and assess how effectively current digital strategy supports our client’s business goals.