We can audit your IT expenditure, project plans, products and in- or external teams to provide a trustworthy and independent opinion, and, if needed, provide improvement support. 

It can be difficult for companies without significant digital engineering and IT expertise to determine the value of received or proposed services and solutions by external vendors. Through our third-party evaluation, we offer our clients independent assessments of IT services or solutions and peace of mind over the associated costs, as well as strategic advice for improvements where necessary.

We can provide actionable insights on a project’s implementation and outcomes. This includes qualitative and quantitative information on how well project components have been implemented and an analysis of the extent to which the project’s objectives and outcomes have been achieved. The results equip our clients and their project stakeholders with evidence to make decisions about project improvements, expansions and sustainability, assess efficiency and cost-reduction strategies, as well as facilitate project replication in other settings. 

An independent third-party evaluation can be the first step in reclaiming disproportionate costs from external service providers or software development companies, or simply underpin a business case to reduce IT expenditure without reducing business benefits. It can also help to make the best IT service or product procurement decision based on quotes received. 

With our independent, third-party evaluation we can help our clients in the following areas:

  • Evaluate costs of IT solution or development services, addressing any overpayment concerns
  • Assess whether IT service quotes or invoices are appropriate and justifiable
  • Appraise the quality and efficiency of their in-house IT team, providing reassurance and potential improvements around current processes and workflows
  • Provide actionable intelligence to underpin strategic business decision making

External CTO

Through our comprehensive CTO capabilities we are able to evaluate digital solutions and their technology in detail, as well as how effectively they support business operations and strategic goals. This means that while all of our assessments are objective and independent, they are always aligned with out clients' interestes and directly actionable.

Quality Assurance Audits & Risk Assessments

Our quality assurance audit and risk assessment expertise is key to our evaluation of third-party solutions and independent reporting that details their programming quality and suitability. Such reports can be crucial in litigation cases against vendors that have provided sub-par work or when building a business case for digital transformations.

Compliance Audits

Through our compliance audits we ensure that our clients’ digital solutions adhere to regulatory and information security standards, as well as best practices. We can audit current systems and digital solutions in development. Our experience encompasses general information security practices, as well as compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the second Payment Services Directive’s Strong Customer Authentication (PSD2 SCA).