We help our clients plan their IT and digital solutions strategy and align it with their long-term business goals to accelerate and underpin sustainable growth. And provide them with the modern, secure and agile digital infrastructure a competitive business needs.

We work with clients who don’t have their own IT department, CTO or limited expertise to determine and plan their optimal IT solution and hardware portfolio strategy. While also supporting in-house IT departments and decision makers during their strategy planning phase and decision making process.

When engaged in strategy planning we take a broad market and growth orientated view to provide detailed road maps and business cases for productive, cost-effective and compliant IT environments. These insights can help businesses with plateauing or declining revenues identify opportunities to kickstart growth and reduce operational overheads.

We support new business ventures and fast growing companies with their initial project ideas, address their most important questions and help them make the right decisions about building their digital infrastructure. Through partnering with us, new businesses and SMEs minimise the risks associated with planning, implementation and maintenance of digital solutions:

  • We ensure that our clients invest in the right digital products and that these are developed correctly
  • We strategically align business or product portfolios to the current and future market conditions
  • We provide cost-benefit-optimised GDPR information security and resilience consultancy services

Additionally, our comprehensive experience in development, project management and implementation allows us to support our clients to deliver any strategic solutions.

Digital Strategy Support

Our background in software engineering and integrating solutions into digital and general business planning provides us with the ideal position to support our clients planning their digital infrastructure strategies.

Quality Assurance Audits & Risk Assessments

Through our expertise in quality assurance and risk assessments we help our clients plan high-quality solutions and reduce the risk exposure of their digital strategies. 

Compliance Audits

We plan digital strategies to ensure they are compliant with the latest information security practices and regulations, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the second Payment Services Directive’s Strong Customer Authentication (PSD2 SCA).

Market Insights & Analytics

With our market insights and analytics department we consider our clients’ digital strategies in the wider market context to maximise competitiveness and market specific growth opportunities.

Digital Marketing

Through our digital marketing capabilities we help our clients plan digital strategies that are optimally aligned to their marketing and business development aims.  

External CTO

Our ability to operate as an external CTO helps us take a holistic approach when strategy planning and ensures that it supports our client’s business goals with an optimal cost-benefit ratio.