We help our clients deliver their IT projects on time and within budget, while also ensuring that the solutions are effective, compliant and adding value to the business.

Our lean-but-scalable operations allow us to support clients and projects of any size, from focused IT system and process improvements to large-scale digital transformations. With our technical and strategic expertise we are able to take a holistic approach to any project to maximise its business benefits and manage its implementation in detail.

Our background in software engineering sets us apart from most other consultancies and IT service providers and means that we are able to take on engineering tasks ourselves or supervise and evaluate third-party work.

With our project management services our clients effectively gain an experienced CTO at a level and length of engagement tailored to their project’s requirements. And through our IT recruitment and training services, we can provide our clients with the capacity and capabilities to secure the project's sustainability and benefits going forward.

Software Engineering

Thanks to our exensive in-house engineering experience, we can accurately asses the quality of your team's work, coach and mentor them as needed, or even directly assist with their engineering efforts.

Digital Strategy Support

Our experience with planning, implementing and overseeing ambitious digital strategies helps us to successfully manage IT projects over their entire lifecycle and to align them with long-term goals.

Quality Assurance Audit & Risk Assessment

With our experience in quality assurance and risk assessments we can ensure that any solutions developed or implemented during the project are of a suitable quality and limit any technical risk exposure.

Compliance Audit

By leveraging our compliance know-how we ensure that our clients’ digital projects adhere to regulatory and information security standards as well as best practices.

Strategy Evaluation & Planning

Through our experience evaluating and planning digital strategies for our clients, we are well placed to ensure that the project outcomes align with our clients’ IT and overall business strategy.

Full Service Support / External CTO

Our experience of providing full-service support to some of our clients and acting in an external CTO function, means that we are practiced in and able to manage projects with a holistic and business-orientated approach.

Third-Party Evaluation

The work we do as third-party evaluators supports our project management capabilities on two distinct levels; we are well versed in evaluating the quality and suitability of solutions, and communicate our recommendations in layman's terms and a business-case context.