Local retail is struggling to compete with online marketplaces and providers, often driving uncertainties about the future viability of the business. And while there is a growing desire amongst consumers to shop locally, they are also used to the convenience of shopping online. We help our retail clients to square this circle and meet those needs to create a modern and resilient business.

We support retailers of all types and sizes, whether they have already ventured into online business or are solely operating through a local brick and mortar loaction. Our approach focuses on expanding the business online and creating an additional revenue stream to supplement our client’s proven business model and underpin its future sustainability.

We build on our client’s existing operations to unlock new revenue channels and optimise any digital business components already in service, while our clients can continue to focus on their core business. With our expertise in ecommerce we understand the importance of customer service and brand values, and ensure that these are reflected in our digital solutions.

Through our needs-based and completely scalable services, we provide our clients with the digital resources and competence to make an immediate impact on revenue growth. We can fully design, implement and manage our client’s digital channels or provide them with the training and staff to do so themselves.

By taking time to get to know each of our clients and their business, we design and deliver a bespoke digital strategy underpinned by a detailed business case that clearly demonstrates its cost-benefit ratio and is aligned to our client’s overarching business objectives. With our support always tailored to the specific context within which our clients operate, we are able to support all types of retailers - from the smallest niche operators to medium sized and larger businesses with expansion ambition.

How we can help our retail clients:

  • Increase their customer reach and sales
  • Design, realise or optimise digital sales channels
  • Increase revenues and business resilience through a tailored digital strategy
  • Fully manage digital operations; from online presence, marketing and purchasing process to shipping

Software Engineering

We plan, design, develop, launch, operate and maintan complex bespoke software which is perfectly tailored to our customers and their markets.

Digital Strategy Support

Comprehensive support around planning, implementing and assessing digital solutions, infrastructures and strategies.

QA Audits & Risk Assessments

Assuring that our clients’ digital solutions are suitable, effective and of high quality, while minimising risk exposure.

Compliance Audits

Ensuring compliance with the latest information security practices and regulations, for example GDPR.

Digital Solution & Strategy Planning

Supporting businesses plan their digital solutions and strategy for a modern, secure and agile digital infrastructure.

Market Insights & Analytics

Providing actionable market intelligence and analytic insights to identify growth opportunities and become more competitive.

Data Analysis

Helping our clients unlock the value of their data environments and establish more effective business analytics to underpin their decision making.

Digital Marketing

Providing digital marketing planning and campaign management support to deliver a strong return on investment.

Full-Service Technology & Digital Solutions Support

Effectively acting as an external CTO we provide strategic support and IT management services in alignment with our client’s business goals.