For medical practitioners and healthcare providers in Germany we offer comprehensive website and IT system services.

With consumers becoming more and more accustomed to making their choices based on online research and their desire for convenience, means that having a compelling online presence and effective patient management systems are essential for modern medical practitioners and healthcare providers.

We support our clients in the creation of a user-friendly and informative website, as well as patient booking and management systems. Providing a personal introduction and procedural information online, helps to convince new patients and overcome any potential fears associated with a medical visit. While our patient booking and management system makes it convenient for patients to make appointments and easy to administrate these by the provider.

We aim to help our healthcare clients to

  • create an informative online presence that attracts new patients
  • offer an effective appointment booking and management system that is convenient for patients to use and practice staff to manage
  • reduce administrative overheads through optimised patient management systems

We offer a fully flexible, need-based service and can take on the design, content creation and realisation of our client’s website and systems. As part of the content creation we can organise a professional photoshoot that showcases our client’s facilities and provides a personal introduction for new patients.

Software Engineering

We plan, design, develop, launch, operate and maintan complex bespoke software which is perfectly tailored to our customers and their markets.

Digital Strategy Support

Comprehensive support around planning, implementing and assessing digital solutions, infrastructures and strategies.

QA Audits & Risk Assessments

Assuring that our clients’ digital solutions are suitable, effective and of high quality, while minimising risk exposure.

Compliance Audits

Ensuring compliance with the latest information security practices and regulations, for example GDPR.

Digital Solution & Strategy Planning

Supporting businesses plan their digital solutions and strategy for a modern, secure and agile digital infrastructure.

Market Insights & Analytics

Providing actionable market intelligence and analytic insights to identify growth opportunities and become more competitive.

Data Analysis

Helping our clients unlock the value of their data environments and establish more effective business analytics to underpin their decision making.

Digital Marketing

Providing digital marketing planning and campaign management support to deliver a strong return on investment.

Full-Service Technology & Digital Solutions Support

Effectively acting as an external CTO we provide strategic support and IT management services in alignment with our client’s business goals.