We have been developing bespoke software in close cooperation with our clients for many years. Our solutions are tailored exactly to our clients' needs, markets and business processes. We engineer simple websites as well as comprehensive content management systems (CMS), online shops, e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, other web applications, and complex back-office applications; such as solutions for warehouse, customer service and relationship management, or payment processing.

Bespoke software—i.e. "software made to measure"—is fundamentally different from piecemeal off-the-shelf software ("commercial off-the-shelf", COTS). Such software can typically only be adapted to meet specific needs in a very limited fashion, or sometimes not at all. By contrast, bespoke software is designed and developed from scratch to exclusively support a specific business or use case.

Everyday tasks common to many businesses do not call for bespoke software development, but for unique processes at the core of your business, tailor-made software delivers exceptional ROI, ensures business continuity and puts you ahead of your competitors. The development of bespoke software is based on an in-depth and client-specific requirements analysis, combined with our extensive industry experience, market insights and specialized technical knowledge.

By accurately capturing your specific business processes and practices, your personal bespoke software can take on tasks that would otherwise have to be performed manually. This reduces your costs. By focusing on your specific market and your actual customers, you can improve and add new services to your offering that your competitors are not able to provide, or not cost-effectively. Thereby you increase your customer satisfaction and revenue.

Do you want to reduce your costs and still stand out from the competition?

Our bespoke and German-engineered software is developed in continuous close collaboration with all of our client’s relevant stakeholders. We follow the principles of agile software development. We iteratively complete runnable versions in quick succession and make each immediately available to our client.

The resulting continuous feedback loop enables our clients to influence the development process at any time. This ensures that the resulting software always meets the current requirements. In addition, our customers gain full cost control due to the short delivery cycles. The project risk is drastically reduced by the continuous completion of functional parts.

Through forward-looking planning, we will put your digital solution on a secure footing. And as your business and market do not remain static, we will be happy to stay by your side and support you with any maintenance and further development to ensure that your software solution keeps growing with you and adapts to the ongoing market changes. Thereby, you permanently maintain your competitive advantage, exploit new market opportunities, and continuously optimize your processes.

Let us jointly take your business to the next level!

Maximized client benefit To us, bespoke software represents individual client benefit.

If your needs can be addressed more cost-efficiently by standard software, or perhaps even an offline solution, we will point this out to you and advise against bespoke development. We strategically employ limited budgets to maximise your benefit and value.

Honesty and integrity Expertise without honesty and integrity is worthless.

We work entrepreneurially and from our client's perspective. Your cost efficiency is our main focus. If a requested function is unnecessary, counterproductive, or simply not cost-effective, we will point this out to you.

Partnership on an equal footing Open communication is crucial.

A good partnership is defined by open and effective communication. We point out problems instead of covering them up. When we lack the skills for a specific task, we openly say so. Instead of abashedly delivering poor results, we suggest alternative solutions or other service providers. We want to grow together with you instead of artificially inflating projects for a lopsided and short-sighted financial benefit.

Quality made to measure Quality benefits depend on the situation.

As a matter of principle, we develop in Germany and can deliver the highest quality. But the benefit of quality is relative. For experimental projects, for example, it may be expedient to apply a different quality standard than for a mission-critical payment processing system. By focusing on critical core functions, we ensure that your overall budget is utilised most efficiently and yields the highest possible benefit to your business.

Honest. Solution-oriented. Partnership-minded. Competent. Cost-conscious. Entrepreneurial.

E-Commerce & Online-Shops

We specialize in supporting businesses that generate their revenues through e-commerce transactions. We work with businesses running their own online shop, using an external marketplace or a multi-channel approach.

Digital Services & SaaS

We have broad experience in the development and operation of digital services. In particular with Software as a Service (SaaS), in cloud computing and in the design, development, operation, billing and maintenance of proprietary APIs.

Digital Start-Ups & SMEs

We support start-ups in the digital sector with the evaluation of ideas, product formation and market launch. We support small and medium-sized enterprises in their expansion and with the development of new markets.

Traditional SMEs

We support existing companies without a digital strategy, with little automation or focus on online opportunities. We reduce their costs and develop new markets and strategies that sustainably set them apart from their competition.

Local Retail

We support retailers of all types and sizes, whether they have already entered the online market or are only selling through brick-and-mortar stores. Our approach focuses on creating additional sustainable revenue streams by entering—or expanding upon—the online market space.

Medical practices and healthcare providers

We support medical practices and other health care providers in creating a user-friendly and informative website as well as patient booking and management systems. This increases their attractiveness to new patients and the satisfaction of existing ones.

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