Software project management & consulting, development, auditing and quality assurance

… because if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!

Projects are not only simple to-do lists. Timelines have to be adhered to, requirements need to be met and errors prevented to be efficient and successful in business.

  • Software consulting and project management
  • Software development, programming and maintenance
  • IT-project auditing, quality assurance and monitoring
  • External CTO

From our headquarters by the river Rhine in the heart of Cologne, Germany, we develop bespoke software, in particular within the areas of E-commerce, websites, mobile apps and online solutions, or adapt our clients’ existing digital solutions and software to meet changing business and market needs.

We also offer consulting and project management services to ensure that our clients’ digital projects are concluded successfully, as well as leveraging our expertise to prevent any eventual problems. Within an external Chief Technology Officer function, we provide market analyses, cost estimations and, if required, recruit an effective IT team.

We can support existing projects with our expertise as interim CTOs. Realise quick wins and prepare client teams and products for independent further development. Alternatively, we can act in an auditing and quality assurance function, supporting all aspects of your project management while also coaching the existing project team.

We take great pride and responsibility for all our work. As a team of experts, we aren’t just an extra resource to bridge staffing shortages, but offer comprehensive and honest business assessment, consulting and management services.

Project and software consulting

We support our clients in the way that suits their requirements best. We can lead, advise or simply monitor digital solution projects and leverage our expertise to directly and effectively support our clients’ competent programmers. Our involvement with this flexible approach does not only effectively minimise budget expenditure and project timelines, but also ensures that subsequent issues around data privacy, information security and failure safety are negated.

Are the incurred costs reasonable and proportionate to the benefit?

External Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

In an External Chief Technology Officer function we provide strategic support to our clients from the first phases of project conception, providing market and competitive analyses, cost estimations and, if required, recruit an effective IT team for existing or new digital solutions and products.

You don’t have digital solutions and software competencies in-house?

Interim CTO providing expertise

In an interim CTO function we can quickly and effectively provide clients with our digital solutions and software expertise. As such, we aim to realise quick wins and prepare teams and products to operate independently in the medium and long term.

Your digital solution is not the best or most effective?

Software auditing and quality assurance

Projects or solutions that are already underway and being realised we support with our honest and independent expert assessments. Our external vantage point enables us to perform an independent and unbiased audit and quality assurance assessment, whether that is for a specific digital solution or an entire project. As part of any auditing and QA exercise we aim to coach and educate our client’s existing team.

Are you looking for a reliable software consultant to support you?

Niels is an exceptional engineer. He is gifted with the ability of looking at a project from multiple perspectives, balancing technical considerations with business goals. He has deep knowledge of the software development lifecycle and understands the tradeoffs inherent in each approach, and articulates the pros and cons of each solution. He is a clear and succinct communicator, always responsive to emails. He makes thoughtful design decisions and engineers them with a ‘best practices’ mindset.

Ian Crowe, USA


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Niels for over three years now and he has become an integral part of team. Not only is he an amazing developer but he has also acted in a CTO capacity role for us.

Chris Crosby, USA


Niels is really good to talk to and, as he puts it himself, can think about the business aspect of a pending project as well as the technical side. I highly recommend Niels and will definitely be coming back to him.

Scott Denton, Germany