Software Project Management & Consulting, Development, Auditing and Quality Assurance as it should be!

… because if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!

Established as an independent professional in 2004, we have been offering Software Project Management, Software Consulting, Software Development (Engineering), Code Auditing and Quality Assurance services for over a decade.

From its offices on the banks of the Rhine river in Cologne, Germany, GmbH develops software, supervises existing projects and provides honest third party assessments and audits of existing projects and development teams for clients locally as well as the Anglo-American countries with clients hailing from Bonn, Cologne, Duisburg and Berlin (Germany); London (United Kingdom); Boston, Chicago, Kansas City, and New York (United States) as well as Sydney (Australia).

Our Philosophy

Above all, we pride ourselves in honesty in all our communications. You hire us as experts in our field and we must advise you as such. When at odds, your bottom-line is always going to be more important to us than our own bottom-line! No matter the project, our main deliverable is always your business’ success.

Drawn from a deep well of experience and fueled by an obsession for reading, learning and discussing technologies, processes and best practices, we profess world-class expertise in all areas of our work. Should you ever entrust us with a task going beyond our in-house expertise, we will always point this out and refer you to a more appropriate provider instead; optionally liaising between the two of you as needed. Whatever you need, we will either get it done right, or tell you upfront that we can’t.

We work swiftly and efficiently, which we consider to be core to our business. We run a lean operation so that you don’t have to subsidize a pointless receptionist, marble floors, or someone slacking at their job.

Last, an unwavering commitment to quality in all our deliverables, processes, and communications underlies every hour of every day of every work week. There will be no broken windows, no sloppily typed emails ever, no “they won’t notice, we will fix it later” code and no “they won’t know better anyway” advice.

Because whatever your project is, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!

Niels is an exceptional engineer. He is gifted with the ability of looking at a project from multiple perspectives, balancing technical considerations with business goals. He has deep knowledge of the software development lifecycle and understands the tradeoffs inherent in each approach, and articulates the pros and cons of each solution. He is a clear and succinct communicator, always responsive to emails. He makes thoughtful design decisions and engineers them with a ‘best practices’ mindset.

Ian Crowe, United States

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Niels for over three years now and he has become an integral part of team. Not only is he an amazing developer but he has also acted in a CTO capacity role for us.

Chris Crosby, United States

Niels is really good to talk to and, as he puts it himself, can think about the business aspect of a pending project as well as the technical side. I highly recommend Niels and will definitely be coming back to him.

Scott Denton, Germany