We specialise in supporting businesses that generate their revenue through ecommerce transactions. Our expertise covers the entire business life-cycle, while our lean-but-scalable approach and focus on achieving the best possible cost-benefit ratio adds immediate value.

Maintaining and maximising growth is an ongoing challenge for any established business. As an extra resource purely focused on strategically improving operations and driving revenue generation, we help our clients mature into top-tier companies.

  • We audit existing solutions and formulate digital strategies for future growth
  • We professionalise digital structures, processes and solutions
  • We develop long-term business strategies to ensure long-term success across rapidly changing marketplaces

The first stage of a company’s operations are crucial to its long-term success. We help our clients in this phase to scale their operations and establish themselves in their market. By focusing on rapidly developing business and driving revenue growth through their digital solutions, we help our clients achieve their initial revenue targets to financially secure their immediate operations and future investment.

  • We audit existing solutions and identify potential issues and risks
  • We manage the training and recruitment of the tech staff
  • We aim to improve any existing solutions through bespoke development to maximise their operational value

When planning to enter ecommerce, getting the technology that will drive the business right is essential to being competitive and making the market entry a success. With our expertise in digital operations and strategy planning, we help our clients design and implement digital solutions that support their business ambitions.

  • We provide functional strategic insights on our client’s market, competitive landscape and portfolio that inform their go-to-market strategy
  • We design a digital solution accordingly, to realise our client’s business objectives at the optimum cost-benefit ratio
  • We provide a detailed road map and advice for implementation or can manage it ourselves
  • We can manage the training and recruitment of the tech staff

In the early stages of planning a business expert engagement can often reduce conception time and cost. With our expertise we support ecommerce venture planning by proving business viability, avoiding costly missteps and providing strategic intelligence to solicit investment.

  • We provide functional strategic insights on our client’s business model, market and competitive landscape
  • We support our clients with clear business intelligence that makes the case for investment and can also support the creation of investor materials
  • We help plan our client’s product or service portfolio and their ideal digital delivery channels
  • We advise on the cost of any planned solution or product, including the hidden overheads for compliance, marketing, maintenance and support

Software Engineering

Our background in software engineering means that we are able to take on engineering tasks ourselves, effectively manage and supervise third-party work, or provide detailed business case evaluations to select and adapt ready-made solutions. In short; we make sure our clients end up with the right digital solutions for their new business or product.

Digital Strategy Consulting, Development and Implementation

We assist you with the development of a far-sighted and holistic digital strategy taking account of your ressources and unique strengths, the competetive landscape und general market trends. If desired, we can also develop your entire digital strategy fully autonomously and the assist you with its implementation and monitoring.

QA Audits & Risk Assessments

Assuring that our clients’ digital solutions are suitable, effective and of high quality, while minimising risk exposure.

Compliance Audits

Ensuring compliance with the latest information security practices and regulations, for example GDPR.

Digital Solution & Strategy Planning

Supporting businesses plan their digital solutions and strategy for a modern, secure and agile digital infrastructure.

Market Insights & Analytics

Providing actionable market intelligence and analytic insights to identify growth opportunities and become more competitive.

M&A Due Diligence Support

Supporting investment decision making with digital solution and infrastructure assessments of acquisition targets.

Data Analysis

Helping our clients unlock the value of their data environments and establish more effective business analytics to underpin their decision making.

Digital Marketing

Providing digital marketing planning and campaign management support to deliver a strong return on investment.

Full-Service Technology & Digital Solutions Support

Effectively acting as an external CTO we provide strategic support and IT management services in alignment with our client’s business goals.