Smaller companies that generate their revenue primarily through digital activities maintain their competitive advantage by being experts in their market and through their operational excellence. As digital solution and strategy experts, we help our clients maintain their focus on business delivery and customer relationships by taking care of coding and maintaining digital solutions, regulatory compliance, marketing plans and strategic future-proofing.

By taking a holistic view of our client’s business we provide strategic advice, manage their digital infrastructure and improve its cost-benefit ratio, while ensuring that it is aligned to the business’s overarching goals. We always tailor our offering to the specific needs of our clients and operate a lean-but-scalable model, delivering services from hands-on day-to-day management of digital operations to long-term strategic support.

We are also able to support our clients with digital transitions, can manage the recruitment of tech staff and provide training around digital solution management, IT processes and best user practices.

We aim to

  • systematically optimise our client’s existing solutions and other technologies and increase their effectiveness and operating margins
  • ensure regulatory compliance
  • prevent downtime
  • minimise risk exposure
  • expose potential problems before they become costly disasters
  • provide actionable strategic advice with detailed business cases going forward

Software Engineering

We plan, design, develop, launch, operate and maintan complex bespoke software which is perfectly tailored to our customers and their markets.

Digital Strategy Support

Comprehensive support around planning, implementing and assessing digital solutions, infrastructures and strategies.

QA Audits & Risk Assessments

Assuring that our clients’ digital solutions are suitable, effective and of high quality, while minimising risk exposure.

Compliance Audits

Ensuring compliance with the latest information security practices and regulations, for example GDPR.

Digital Solution & Strategy Planning

Supporting businesses plan their digital solutions and strategy for a modern, secure and agile digital infrastructure.

Market Insights & Analytics

Providing actionable market intelligence and analytic insights to identify growth opportunities and become more competitive.

M&A Due Diligence Support

Supporting investment decision making with digital solution and infrastructure assessments of acquisition targets.

Data Analysis

Helping our clients unlock the value of their data environments and establish more effective business analytics to underpin their decision making.

Digital Marketing

Providing digital marketing planning and campaign management support to deliver a strong return on investment.

Full-Service Technology & Digital Solutions Support

Effectively acting as an external CTO we provide strategic support and IT management services in alignment with our client’s business goals.