We offer comprehensive and tailor-made services for new business ventures and product launches in the digital space.

Expertise in IT solutions, the digital marketplace and strategic planning are key to the success of a new product or business. We can provide end-to-end portfolio planning and management, project planning and management, as well as software design, engineering, testing and maintenance services.

Our lean-but-scalable, need-based approach allows us to augment our client’s existing resources or provide tech teams ourselves, as well as maximising the cost-effectiveness and value-benefits of our services.

In all of our technical and strategic support of new companies and products we always maintain a focus on their overarching business goals, with the aim to support value creation, continuous growth and a sustainable longevity.

We can support our clients throughout all stages of the digital development process for both new products and companies, employing the minimum viable product (MVP) or minimum viable brand (MVB) strategies.

Our business and product launch expertise can support clients preparing to found a start-up in the digital space and existing companies that are launching new business divisions, subsidiaries or digital products and services.

Digital Solution & Strategy Planning

Our experience planning digital solutions and digital strategies is an invaluable asset when helping clients launch a new business or product.

Project Management

With our project management capabilities we can fully support our clients to deliver a business or product launch on schedule and within budget. By always taking a holistic approach, we ensure that the digital solutions environment is aligned to the overarching business goals and delivers maximum value. 

IT Team Recruitment, Training & Management Support  

We also have the capacity to support our clients in recruiting, training and managing their in-house IT team to secure the long-term sustainability and success of their business or product launch. 

Software Engineering

Our background in software engineering means that we are able to take on engineering tasks ourselves, effectively manage and supervise third-party work, or provide detailed business case evaluations to select and adapt ready-made solutions. In short; we make sure our clients end up with the right digital solutions for their new business or product.

Digital Strategy Consulting, Development and Implementation

We assist you with the development of a far-sighted and holistic digital strategy taking account of your ressources and unique strengths, the competetive landscape und general market trends. If desired, we can also develop your entire digital strategy fully autonomously and the assist you with its implementation and monitoring.

Digital Marketing

Through our experience with digital marketing strategies, we make sure that our client’s solutions are fully aligned with and maximise the potential of the new business or product. We can also support our clients with the conception and implementation of their digital marketing strategy.