For clients with limited in-house technology and digital solutions expertise we also offer comprehensive consulting and management services; effectively acting as an external chief technology officer (CTO). We can act in this capacity on an ongoing or interim basis.

As external CTO, we take a holistic view of our client’s business and then provide ongoing strategic advice, manage their technology infrastructure, improve its cost-benefit ratio and make sure it is closely aligned to the business’s overarching goals. Our CTO services are always need-based and operate at varying levels of engagement; from hands-on day-to-day management and engineering support to a more strategy-focused role, depending on our client’s business requirements and maturity.

Within this function we can also manage the recruitment of IT staff members, provide training to existing or new IT teams and supervise their day-to-day work.

We aim to systematically optimise our client’s existing solutions and other technologies, increase their effectiveness and operating margins, ensure regulatory compliance, prevent downtime, minimise risk exposure, expose potential problems before they become costly disasters and provide actionable strategic advice with detailed business cases going forward. We can also manage large-scale digital transformations, new digital business ventures and the development of new solutions.

By engaging us as an external CTO, our clients can rely on us to engage the entirety of our expertise and services when needed. Our full-service offering can be more cost-effective than hiring an experienced CTO directly, as we do not tie our clients to any of our other services and act in their best interest at all times - even if that means using other companies’ services because they are a better fit. We also have extensive experience managing cost-effective digital development and IT teams in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.

As external chief technology officer we can support our clients with: