Established in 2004, we have been offering comprehensive IT services for more than 15 years. As part of our tailored offering, we can take on the programming of solutions ourselves, provide consultancy services or recruit, establish and train your IT team.

  • Comprehensive, business-orientated and targeted consultancy services
  • Planning, implementation and maintenance of complex software solutions
  • Emergency repairs for digital solutions and management of problematic projects
  • Technologies: i.a. Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Phoenix, Elixir, Vue.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PWA, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sidekiq, Linux, heroku, AWS

Headquartered in Cologne, Germany, we are able to operate globally and serve clients throughout the German-speaking markets (DACH), the UK, US and Australia. We typically work from our own offices, but are also able to arrange regular or long term on-site deployments with our clients when necessary.

Software consulting for newly founded businesses

Many of our clients do not have their own IT department and limited technical know-how to correctly estimate the cost and benefit of a digital software solution. This often raises three fundamental questions:

  • Is the existing or planned solution the one that fits your requirements best?
  • Is the delivered work of high quality?
  • Are the costs incurred reasonable and proportionate to the benefit of the solution?

Headquartered in Cologne, Germany, we are able to operate globally and serve clients throughout the German-speaking markets (DACH), the UK, US and Australia. We typically work from our own offices, but are also able to arrange regular or long term on-site deployments with our clients when necessary.

We are able to support newly founded businesses with their initial project ideas to address their most important and fundamental questions. We minimise the risks associated with planning, implementation and maintenance of digital solutions. We ensure that digital products are developed correctly and strategically align business or product portfolios to the current and future market conditions, while also offering cost-benefit-optimised GDPR information security and resilience consultancy services.

The errors that cause of most budget and timeline overruns or even complete project failures are made in the initial project phase. Through our early advice and consistent support, our clients increase their chances of success and avoid costly mistakes.

Are you concerned about overspending budgets and exceeding project timelines? With our consulting services you gain additional expertise for error prevention.

External Chief Technology Officer

As an external Chief Technology Officer, we provide timely strategic advice, cost estimates and manage any required IT recruitment.

We review all applications and ensure that only the most suitable candidates are hired by our clients. We also manage and coach the existing or newly assembled IT team, providing them with all the necessary know-how so that the project can be continuously developed, deployed and maintained.

  • Digital solutions strategy, market assessments and product portfolio planning
  • Optimisation of existing software and other technologies
  • Improvement of the cost-benefit ratio of digital solutions
  • Recruitment, coaching and management of technical employees
  • Prevention of downtime
  • Adhering to all legal and regulatory requirements

You don’t have your own in-house programming and digital solutions development skills and are not sure whether your ideas can be realised?

Interim CTO providing expertise

For a fast and effective professionalization of your IT team with the required technical expertise, we also offer our services on a transitional basis. By taking swift action, we manage your team and increase productivity. We assess and consistently minimise risk exposure, expose potential problems before they become costly issues and work on solutions to future proof your digital solutions and company.

As part of our interim CTO function we also prepare and participate in investor pitches and meetings, as well as board and stakeholder meetings. We also support M&A due diligence work.

  • Digital and IT inventory
  • Strategic planning
  • Professionalization of your IT team and projects
  • Fast quick wins
  • Employee recruitment and coaching
  • Creation of roadmaps, cost plans and risk assessments

By creating roadmaps, cost plans and risk assessments, we can present your projects and business goals attractively and coherently to investors and stakeholders at any time and manage the subsequent implementation in a timely manner.

Due to our capabilities to manage employee recruitment, coaching and monitoring in parallel, your IT team will be assembled and trained so that it has the necessary expertise in the mid- to long-term to operate independently and responsibly.

Through our own development work, we lay the foundations of our clients’ future success. Together we conceive, develop and implement software solutions for project- and innovation-orientated business areas.

Our solutions not only meet the necessary technical specifications, but also always reflect the best possible cost-benefit ratio. This will help increase efficiency, effectiveness and transparency within your business.

  • Technical competence and decades of experience
  • Comprehensive strategic and technical consulting
  • Optimal cost-benefit ratio

We do not only develop the digital solutions and software you want, but also advise you on the profitability potential of your concepts. This not only helps us to optimise your products, but also present you with more suitable or favourable solutions.

Any software we develop on your behalf can be fully operated and controlled by your employees, whom we can select and train on your behalf. Beyond that, we will be happy to continue to support you and your business whenever required.

You want your digital solutions and software to be perfectly developed and optimised?

Software testing, auditing and quality assurance

Your digital solution has already been implemented or is currently in development? As external consultants, we offer independent and objective software testing, audits and quality assurance services.

  • Has your digital solution been developed with high quality programming?
  • Is there still potential for optimisation?
  • Can its cost-benefit ratio be improved?

When testing and auditing software, we check and evaluate the quality of programming and establish how closely the solution meets the previously specified requirements in order to identify and rectify any defects before they have an impact.

You want to minimise your risk and exposure in quality assurance, legal and regulatory requirements?