We focus on serving the core business of small and medium sized companies. Typically, start-ups and SMEs do not have their own IT department and as a result have limited software development experience or resources for strategic planning.

Current references:

Having a reliable and competent full-service digital solutions partner is crucial for our clients. We have supported and managed projects with a financing volume of €10.6 million, as well as M&A projects worth €1.8 million.

Our full-service approach is honest and goal-orientated, whether our clients seek advice or implementation support. We always tailor our software solution optimisation to the specific needs and industry of our client, scaling the available products, processes and technical teams. And we are invested in our clients’ long-term success, supporting their growth and always being ready to intervene in case of problem.

Quick solutions for problematic IT projects

We will not always be there to support an IT project from its inception. Some of our clients come to us for help when they are facing fundamental issues with their digital solutions. These may be instances such as software causing problems or a digital product that has remained unfinished, although other developers have been brought on to help.

In those cases we help our clients to complete their project or fix an issue as soon and as cost effectively as possible. Through an initial assessment we locate and analyse the specific problems as well as any other hidden risks. We prioritise theses through a cost-benefit evaluation and then lead your project consistently to a measurable success. Our experience has shown that follow-up support over a period of six months to five years, depending on the solution, ensures lasting success for our clients.

We primarily support our clients remotely from our headquarters in Cologne, Germany, and when required we visit our clients on-site. We regularly visit clients throughout Germany the UK and the US. And, if required, are also able to work on-site for longer secondments.

Niels is an exceptional engineer. He is gifted with the ability of looking at a project from multiple perspectives, balancing technical considerations with business goals. He has deep knowledge of the software development lifecycle and understands the tradeoffs inherent in each approach, and articulates the pros and cons of each solution. He is a clear and succinct communicator, always responsive to emails. He makes thoughtful design decisions and engineers them with a ‘best practices’ mindset.

Ian Crowe, USA


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Niels for over three years now and he has become an integral part of team. Not only is he an amazing developer but he has also acted in a CTO capacity role for us.

Chris Crosby, USA


Niels is really good to talk to and, as he puts it himself, can think about the business aspect of a pending project as well as the technical side. I highly recommend Niels and will definitely be coming back to him.

Scott Denton, Germany